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Meet The Maker - PAP YAY

In the name of all things Black Friday, it felt rather fitting as a small business to bring back to life this blog. A time to celebrate all the effort and time that goes in to making the products that you purchase from me..
This time I want to introduce you to Ildut and Catalina, the brains behind PAP YAY; a fantastic toy that was brought to life after a successful Kickstarter campaign this year. Not only did I personally support the campaign, but when I saw the product I knew it would fit so well in my store..
1 - Can you tell me a little bit more about your brand PAP YAY, your product and who you are the brains behind this fantastic product?
We are Ildut and Catalina, Ildut is French and I am Colombian, we met in London and have two kids, we both work in creative industries. Since we meet we had these endless conversations about projects that we could do together, nothing happened until we had our kids and realised that we wanted them to have toys with great design, that also would help them develop their creativity and wouldn’t damage our planet.
2 - PAP YAY puzzle blocks are brand new - what made you decide to start your project and did you expect them to be as popular as they are?
Like everyone, our kids have many toys and they always end up in our living room. We decided that it could be a good idea to create a beautiful toy that kids would love playing with and parents didn’t have to hide, almost a cross between a toy and a design piece.
3 - How do you balance your busy schedule with children?
It has been an amazing journey and we are learning a lot but it's challenging at time. We both have full-time jobs and with the kids, we only have a few hours a day we can work on the business. Between us we “take turns” and divide tasks so at least one of us is spending time with them. We want the business to be successful but our kids are the most important.
4 - The blocks are made from a heavy duty paper, why was it important to you use paper and not another material?
We think it is important to know the full cycle of a product and where it will end where it’s no longer in use. We don’t want to inundate the planet with more plastic that will end up for years and years in a landfill. It's a small detail but the paper we use is sustainably sourced and the toy can be easily recycled which is important for us.
5 - Currently you produce one set of blocks, what is next for PAP YAY what can we expect to see in the future?
We have many ideas and are still in the process of choosing that special one but it will be simple, interactive, have a bold design and be sustainable. 
The puzzle blocks are a fantastic addition to any play time, and can be easily tidied away after in a beautifully designed box, they make a perfect gift too..