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Meet the Maker - Too Many PJs

Hello.. So here it is, after a long time coming - the first ever blog post over here at Small Stuff HQ.. and how wonderful it is to start something new!
I've wanted to put this blog together for a while and what a better way to introduce it than to get some of my fantastic suppliers involved. Each month along with regular postings about up and coming projects, collabs, competitions and general ramblings - I'll be interviewing a few of the owners of the fantastic makers that I work with.
It'll be a chance to fully understand where the products you see in the store come from and you'll soon figure out why I chose to work with these fantastic small batch suppliers.
So first up I had a chat with mom of two, Erin, who is the owner of Too Many Pjs to find out more about how she got started with her gorgeous organic cotton lines and where she finds time to get the inspiration..
Erin Plant - Founder, Designer and Maker of too may pjs
1 - Can you introduce yourself, who are you and where are your from, what did you do before Too Many PJs?
My name is Erin and I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA. I studied Fashion Design at University I decided to move to London after doing an internship at Alexander McQueen. I worked as a fashion textile designer for many years before I had my first child. I had loads of fabric scraps and made him a patch work play mat with the fabrics I had designed. 
2 - What inspired you to become self employed and start Too Many Pjs?
A few friends commented on how nice the play mat I had made was and said I should sell them. So I started making them to sell. The play mats evolved into cushions, toys and other interior items.
3 - Along with all your products being beautifully hand made, they’re also eco friendly - why is this something that’s really important to you and your brand?
I have always believed in leading a sustainable lifestyle. But after visiting India and finding out how badly the cotton industry affects the environment and health and safety of the people there I vowed to only use organic cottons from then on. So now I use only 100% organic cotton and sustainable materials in my products.
4 - Can you tell us a little by about the process of how you get ideas from your head to the final product?
I always start with research and create mood boards. I will visit art exhibitions and look at trend forward magazines for inspiration. Then I sketch and draw new designs to screen print. I will print and sew a few samples and decided what works best. I like to work in collections as opposed to single products and there is always a theme and various colour ways available. 
5 - And finally, What is inspiring your work currently? What can we expect from you in the next few months?
I don’t want to give away too much but let’s just say I’m looking at the sky. I have done a Treasure Map Print and before that a Railroad Print but the next designs will be looking up! There will also be more colours of the blocks in addition to the ones on offer now.