Leopard Magazine - Issue 4

Leopard Magazine - Issue 4

Helen Martin
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Issue four of LEOPARD is here! Leopard is an independent magazine for kids, full of goodness, crafts and fun stuff – a big cat party!

This issue the theme is PATTERNS and features amazing illustration by Francesca Tiley on the front and back cover. Francesca says, ‘My family is British Mexican and I have always been inspired by the folk arts and crafts that come from both cultures. The colour and patterns which exist in Mexican designs are typically bright, bold and expressive!’

Check out Francesca’s I LOVE OUR PLANET! back cover, which you can cut out and use it as a poster for your wall!

A magazine for aged 4 – 9 with lots of fun activities, crafts and stories, plus strong female role models and much more!

This beautiful jam packed magazine is full to the brim with craft activities, illustrations, cut outs and much more and all without a piece of plastic or advert in sight!