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About Us

Back in 2016 Small Stuff started as a selling point for my creations of organic cotton baby grows and screen printed tote bags, all designed and made from my tiny office space here in Sheffield, UK. These products were mainly sold to family and friends with the focus on knowing exactly where the fabrics and dyes came from, exactly what was used to make them and made with sentimental value that these high-quality items could be passed down and not just thrown away.

I've always had an interest in eco-friendly and ethical products and I've always wanted to try to do my bit to help protect our environment. Whilst out shopping for my son when he was only a few months old, I began to get frustrated that not many of the big brands seemed to care too much about the transparency of their production, neither did they seem to want to tell the story their products came from - so I started to look for small-batch items that came with a story and product makers that were less focussed on mass production for mass consumption, but more focussed on creating high quality keepsake items. That's when the lightbulb moment hit and the idea struck to branch out Small Stuff UK.

I tirelessly researched what type of brands I'd like to sell along with our products, and I have hand picked small-batch, independent suppliers of childrenswear, nursery decor and toys - all of which specifically produce ethical, fair-trade and eco-friendly products and I've brought them all together in one store.

I spent 2018 trialling different brands, getting connections and working with suppliers to build honest relationships. I utilised pop-up shops, events and the online store to showcase these products and the feedback has been amazing. At the beginning of 2019, I opened Small Stuff's first permanent store which is in a fantastic location which is filled to the brim with independent stores and a growing community. Crookes, Sheffield.

As a retailer, I also understand that I have a certain responsibility too, so I have carefully picked the biodegradable, recyclable mail packaging and recycled cotton marketing and business cards to make sure it all gets to you, my customer, the best it can and we can all try to reduce the amount of waste we leave. I also try and reuse as much mailing packaging as possible.

I want to promote the idea of #buywellchooseless - making sure the store is not only full of beautiful and stylish products but also, toys and clothing that you'd want to keep as keepsakes for the future, hand down or re-gift and that are not just products to throw in the bin once they're worn out.

It's all about reducing mass production and mass consumption and I hope you're on board too,
Hellen x