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About Us

Small Stuff UK is an award winning eco-conscious children’s lifestyle.
We sell the finest design-led, ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products for (you and) your little bears both online and in-store.
The clothing range is made from high quality, Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified organic cotton, you won’t find these brands for sale in high-street chains.
I hand pick all of the products and work closely with small independent suppliers from around the world - which means we can guarantee everyone is paid fairly and well and each product is made with love, with less planet polluting processes.
Together we can strive for a less plastic, less toxic planet.

As a retailer, I also understand that I have a certain responsibility too, so I have carefully picked the biodegradable, recyclable mail packaging and recycled cotton marketing and business cards to make sure it all gets to you, my customer, the best it can and we can all try to reduce the amount of waste we leave. I also try and reuse as much mailing packaging as possible.

Hellen x