Media Enquiries

Since founding Small Stuff in 2016, Hellen Stirling-Baker FRSA has spoken regularly about her experiences as the owner of a sustainable small business to both local and national media. She is a champion of the local high-street and independent businesses, a vocal advocate for the introduction of genuinely eco-conscious standards across the retail sector and passionate about challenging harmful corporate greenwashing and wasteful practices throughout the supply chain. 
In addition to the practical, hands-on experience Hellen has developed through her work at Small Stuff, she is currently taking a Business Sustainability Management course at the University of Cambridge is a Member of the Board of Directors for The British Independent Retail Association. She also attends as many events, conferences and direct actions as her busy schedule in the shop allows.

This year, Hellen attended COP26 in Glasgow

,In 2021, Hellen launched This Sustainable Business Podcast, supported by BIRA. In every episode, Hellen and fellow entrepreneurs share insider tips, creative ideas and their own experiences of implementing sustainable business plans.

Episode 1
: A conversation with Ellon Watt, founder of Small Plants

Episode 2:
Coming soon! 

You can read the Small Stuff Story here and find out more about the business on the BIRA website. 

Media Appearances


BBC Radio Sheffield Colour Friday - interview with Toby Foster, (from 2:21:44) 26/11/2021 

BBC Radio 4 Trading Spacesinterview with Professor Deborah Sugg Ryan, 12/02/2021

BBC Radio Sheffield – interview with Toby Foster, 03/03/21

BBC Radio 5 Live – interview with Helen Skelton (from 18.26) 14/06/20


NowThen Magazine
interview with Sam Gregory, 18/06/19


Back in Business – ‘Our Tears for Tiers’, 30/11/20


The Telegraph
‘How Coronavirus accelerated the death of cash’ (from 1.44), 19/07/20

BBC Breakfast
- 'Feature: Lock down effects for small businesses' 11/11/20

Events and Panels:

BIPC Start-Up Day 2021
, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, 11/11/21

Autumn Fair 2021, NEC Birmingham, ‘What will the post-pandemic consumer expect from retail?’, 06/09/21, 

Spring Fair 2021, Zoom Panel, 'Retail Interrupted: A Moment for Recovery and Innovation', 09/02/21

Spring Fair 2020, NEC Birmingham, 'Why Independents are Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Retail', 04/02/20
Select Committee, Retail Panel Plastics Inquiry, House of Commons, 07/12/2021
BIPC, Business Showcase Kwasi Kwarteng Visit BIPC, The British Library, 13/12/2021

Upcoming Events:
BIPC Event, Inspiring Entrepreneurs Series, BIPC The British Library, London. 21/06/22

If you would like Hellen to speak at an event, or for press enquiries please contact to enquire about rates and availability.
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