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Hand crafted ECO Blocks - Set of 10

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As seen in The Guardian, these hand-painted in Sheffield, these fantastic all-natural Ash hardwood blocks are sourced from a sustainable charity sawmill in Scotland. All the proceeds from every sale of the timber going back into local projects.

The beautifully, simply painted blocks are cut from sustainably managed forests, air-dried and then kiln-dried (heated by offcuts of the same wood) which means we know the blocks are not treated with any nasty chemicals.

Once cut to size they are then sent directly to Small Stuff HQ to be hand-sanded, laser cut, painted and treated with plant-based and eco-friendly paints and finishes (all made in the UK and Toy Safe tested) before being bagged up into a fairtrade, 100% organic cotton bag along with a personalised certificate of origin (with space for the lucky child's name and date of birth) and a pamphlet of ideas.

Working with the natural lines and textures of the wood, these blocks come painted on one side with up to two colours (please make your paint choices in the drop-down menu)

These blocks are designed not only to be a fantastic reusable gift that will keep little ones entertained but a keepsake that can be passed down generations and on to other family members. 

Each 10 pack contains -

10 2.5" blocks with a-z all in lowercase to encourage little ones to use the sounds and phonetics of the letters and numbers 0-9 with up to two puzzle patterns.

Certificate of origin 

Pamphlet of ideas

100% organic decoration bag.

 These blocks are available in packs of 10 (custom blocks are available please email for details) 

Please add the child's name and date of birth at checkout otherwise the certificate will be sent blank.


The blocks are tested and safe for children from 3 months, please be aware that the bricks are solid wood and fairly heavy in weight, therefore extra care should be taken with young children.