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My First Book of the garden: Montessori, a world of achievement

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The series "Montessori, a world of achievements" is a collection of texts for children that contain playing activities aimed at encouraging the development of the main cognitive skills, such as the recognition of numbers, shapes and colours.

They are designed and built according to the specific educational and pedagogical approach of the Montessori Method.

Children from 4 years discover nature in the garden by involvement in creative, enjoyable activities developed in the Montessori style. By means of mazes, pre-literacy games, shapes to recognise and colour, and many brightly coloured stickers to place, children gradually learn new and interesting information on the features of garden animals and plants, developing their cognitive potential.

The structure of the activities develops around some fundamental Montessori principles: - the content of the games follows a progressive complexity, to allow the child to become gradually familiar with it; - each activity has 3 progressive stages of learning:

1. Presentation of the material through senses

2. Recognition of the learning object material

3. Re-enactment of the material;

The adult has a role of assistance and introduction to the various activities but the child can play independently the games; - handling and practical experience have a central role: often is required to glue stickers, cut, draw and finger paint.

This packed activity book is suitable for children 4+