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Strawberry Wooden Toy

Tender leaf
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Grow your own strawberries with the pretty Wooden Toy Strawberry Flower Pot Set from Tender Leaf Toys. Made as an accessory to the Garden Wheelbarrow Set, it's equally enchanting on its own.

Created from sustainable rubberwood and painted with non-toxic water stain colours for a contemporary look, this set includes a flowerpot with a hidden compartment for secret notes in base, three leaves, three strawberries, four petals and a magnetic bumblebee. This beautiful wooden toy set would make a thoughtful gift idea for a young boy or girl who likes to experiment in the garden.

Tender Leaf Toys want to bring children back to a natural playing environment with their Eco-friendly wooden toys. Each piece has been created by craftsmen and designers who have used their skills, knowledge and creativity to bring the energy, emotion and excitement of playing with wooden toys back into the family.