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My Tree Puzzle

Londji Barcelona
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We climbed the wooden house of our tree and have found many friends, some that we already knew and others that are newcomers.

Pass, pass with us and we will give it a look, we will play hide and seek with the wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood, and stop to play with the conceited rat and her friends, play hopscotch with a greedy bear and sack races with a sweet tooth squirrel.... when the day ends, be sure the rat will have prepared us a fantastic breakfast.

An amazing puzzle 70 cm. high, with 50 pieces and REVERSIBLE (spring-autumn)!

Illustration Txell Darne

Material Recycled cardboard and paper

Packaging Sturdy cardboard box

Size 67 x 50 cm

Box Size 20,1 x 30,2 x 8 cm

CE Tested and Suitable for children 5+