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What's At The Top Marc Martin Small Stuff UK

What's At The Top

Marc Martin
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This fantastic book, another gorgeous illustrated book from the author and illustrator Marc Martin is full of gentle rhyming text which will make you want to read it again and again. Perfect bed time book for younger children or as a book to read on their own as they get older.
What's at the top of the ladder? Is it the string of a kite on a meteorite, that's attached to a whale who's delivering mail, to a moose in suit who's delivering fruit, while a sloth eating soup, parachutes through a hoop, for a group of iguanas in purple pyjama . . . ?

Young readers will keep guessing the answer to this humorous conundrum until the end - but be prepared for a twist! 

40 pages, hardback cover.
Suitable to be read to younger children